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an excellently convenient
Customer experience


At Borderframes our main focus is on the customer.

We want to fundamentally change the way people remember their adventures and to do so, we must create a seamlessly convenient customer experience.

One of many pieces to our product vision is the inlay creator.

we don't want people to go to a print store, print their pictures and cut them to shape to fit our frames, that's just not convenient enough.

For customers on our own online store, we will offer the inlay creator to give customers the opportunity to create a seamless collage and add little perks like a custumizable travel map and editable labels to give context to the images.

The Inlays will be shipped right with the frame to enhance the unboxing experience.

Retail customers of our wholesale version will be provided a coupon code to access the inlay creator to design, print and ship the inlay to their home for free.

this will significantly drive retail customer conversion to direct customers.

in this slideshow you can see a preview of how our creator interface will look like:


1 Inlay Creator default v2.png
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