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What are Borderframes?

the framing system for travellers!

borderframes is the worlds first travel framing concept.
a connectible collectible for your abroad memories.

we are building picture frames in the shape of different countries and states,

so you can build wall maps with pictures of all the places you've visited.

each country is a single frame, that can be connected to its neighbour countries.


new travel memoriesadd another borderframe.

it's as simple as that.


World Icon.png

build your own map


puzzle-like connection

Print Icon.png

convenient print service

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Why Borderframes?

no more messy travel maps

people are trying to keep their travel memories in their daily lifes

since the beginning of international travel

from boring square photo frames and DIY cork maps

to modern day scratch-off maps and travel prints.

todays solutions are either boring, messy or unpersonal

and borderframes is here to change that.

we are here to help travellers collect their memories conveniently.

Bamboo icon.png

made of sustainable bamboo

Sustainable icon.png

Co2-neutral production process

Color icon.png

multiple colorways


Where to buy Borderframes?

Borderframes will be available in our online store and at a variety of offline retailers,

pending our anticipitated product launch late 2022.

Thank you!

We are working on it. Stay tuned!

Who's behind Borderframes?

Hi! My name is Mats Miersen and i am the founder of Borderframes.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family background, it has always been my dream to build my own company & to design products, that people actually need!

After growing up in northern germany and quickly learning to dislike the hamburg weather, i discovered my passion for traveling. Traveling has changed my mind on countless topics and opened my perspective to so many things i didn't even know existed, that i was hooked from the start.

But you know, as soon as you return home and some weeks pass by, the excitement starts to fade and reality takes over again. The pictures from your trip are rotting on your phone or in some dusty photobook on your shelve, while your memories slowly fade away. I was looking for an alternative to keep my memories close, but aside from cheaply made decorative products, i couldn't find anything!

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borderframes logo yellow.png

Mats Miersen
The Founder

All the products in the market were either memorial products like photobooks OR decorative wall maps, there was no AND.

This is when i discovered a significant gap in the market for a new type of product.

By bridging the gap between maps and framing, we have created an exclusive niche just for ourselves: Travel Framing!


I feel honored to be pioneering the travel framing market with borderframes and i can't wait for our frames to hit the market.

Join my travel framing revolution and bring countless hours of conversation and joy to living rooms around the world!

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