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Germany Print shop render  new light.png

Your favorite pictures

Create your own collage of your favorite travel pictures and put it to your wall! We supply the frames, you supply the memories!


go DIY or use our free Inlay Creator to create the perfect collage within your chosen countries' borders.

Build your own map

Your personal travel map, built from only the countries you have visited!

Add a frame to your map after your yearly vacation or your big road trip!

all our connectible borderframes sizes fit right next to their respective neighbour countries.

Westeurope new.png

Simple construction

D1 Assembly Flatframe Explo.png

Our Flatframes are built simple like a traditional picture frame.

it only consists of three seperate parts: Body, Backplate & Glass.

Due to their light weight, flatframes can be conveniently fixed on the wall with our included glue strips!

Choose your wood

We offer our frames in different woods and painted colorways to perfectly match your interior!

Choose between 2 natural bamboo colorways (Nature/Caramel) or our painted black and white version.

Black render.png
white render.png

The Flatframe

The simple borderframe
for pictures only

The deepframe

The Premium Version
for all the memories


For all the memories

Each item you collect on your travels holds a story, that is too interesting to rot in a dusty box.


Thats why our deepframes are designed to have space for all the sacred items you collect on your trips!

make your story the center of everyones attention by putting it on the mainstage of your living room!

Deepframe berlin.png
France Germany Deep flat connect glass on.png

Your personal highlight

Put a spotlight on the countries, that impressed you the most!


The deepframes are connectible to the rest of the connectible borderframes sizes.

Their deeper design makes them stand out of the crowd perfectly to highlight your favorite country!

Easy access

Built with the same outer contours, but deeper and with shelves.

The deepframes' design is more complex and includes drilling for wall fixation to ensure maximum safety for your sacred goods!

The frontpanel is magnetically fixed, making the insides protected but easily accessible!

black walnut backplate.png
oak  Blackwood shelve.png
walnut black shelve.png
wenge rose black.png

Fully customizable

Our deepframes allow for full customization!


choose different woods for different parts, engrave details from your trip and make it all yours!

There is no limits to individuality with our deepframes for the countries, you love the most!

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